Walter Hill Dam – Winter Edition

It’s been a long hard winter here in Tennessee. We’ve had record snowfall and temps and I’ve had enough!!! So, who’s getting tired of this dam? I swear it’s the nastiest place to shoot but you could never tell from these pictures and I always bring home something cool to work with from shooting here. When I arrived there my little friend (the blue heron) had already arrived and was ready for his closeup!! Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm and here’s to warmer weather!!

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3….

Met up at the Discovery Center with Donna for some test shots with the new camera. I’ve just about wore and bored everyone out debating, researching, and getting opinions on a new camera. After much deliberation and convincing of the husband, I found myself in possession of the Canon 7D. Now this camera rocks my socks off! It does everything but take the picture for you. I am totally in love with it and admire it at every given opportunity. Here are a few shots from the Discovery Center: